My friend Jeff Chang says, “don’t despair, create” so here’s my contribution for this holiday week: a simple mix based around 15 of my favorite Sharon Jones and Dap-Kings’ songs.

Annotated tracklisting:

    1. Sharon Jones: Hook N Sling Meets The Funky Superfly
    2. Sharon Jones: You Better Think Twice

    These first two are from Jones’s early years at Desco, where she first met many of the key players who’d later become part of the Dap-Kings. Back then, most of those folks were in a Desco house band called the Soul Providers. Both can be found on the Desco anthology, Spike’s Choice.

    3. SJDK: Cut the Line

    My favorite song off their debut Daptone LP Dap-Dippin’ With…. Musically, the LP owes more to the Desco era but you can already hear the improved chops here.

    4. SJDK: Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)

    I think this was originally commissioned for Scion’s Daptone Remixed project. Original version appeared on 100 Days, 100 Nights, my favorite LP by the group.

    5. SJDK: How Long Do I Have To Wait For Your Love?
    6. SJDK: How Long Do I Have To Wait For Your Love? (Ticklah Remix)

    Original appeared on the group’s second album, Naturally and the remix was also on that Daptone Remixed compilation.

    7. SJDK: Let Them Knock

    When I first heard this on 100 Days, 100 Nights it knocked me out; still does.

    8. SJDK: Inspiration Information

    Their cover of Shuggie Otis’s classic appears on the Dark Was the Night compilation from ’09.

    9. The Dap-Kings: Summer of Sound

    To this day, I don’t know when/where this instrumental was created and for what purpose. I just recall it popping up on my radar ~2008 and then for 2011’s Soul Time! anthology, the same track was slowed down and became the backing for “Longer & Stronger“.

    10. SJDK: Better Things

    My favorite song from 2010’s I Learned the Hard Way.

    11. Greyboy Feat. Sharon Jones: Got To Be a Love (Paul Nice Remix)

    Originally recorded for Greyboy’s 2004 Soul Mosaic LP, the Paul Nice remix was on the song’s 12″ release.

    12. SJDK: Making Up and Breaking Up

    Love the chorus on here; originally on Give the People What They Want from 2013.

    13. SJDK: Ain’t Nobody

    This came on a bonus 7″ sold alongside Give the People but doesn’t actually appear on the LP itself.

    14. SJDK: Slow Down, Love

    The group at their melancholy best.

    15. SJDK: All Over Again

    C’mon, like I was going to end this with a different song than this classic from Naturally? You know how I do.



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