RBL Posse: Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed b/w Sorta Like a Psycho
From 12″ (In-A-Minute, 1991)

One of the great things about Bay Area hip-hop radio in the early 1990s was that programming on stations like KMEL and KSOL was far more diverse than what you’d expect in today’s media consolidated days of national playlists. That’s why, in that brief period, you could tune in and expect to hear both the latest hits coming out of New York alongside something like the RBL Posse’s “Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed,” or Total Devastation’s “Many Clouds of Smoke.”

The single’s B-side is one of the cases where you have a humorous disconnect between music and lyric; the beat has much lighter and slightly happy feel to it compared to verses about infrared Glocks and crack sacks.

By the way, I always assumed this 12″ (which is not an easy catch despite how big of a song it was) came out before RBL Posse’s A Lesson To Be Learned album but the album is from 1992 and the single says it was pressed in 1993. Anyone know if there were multiple pressings of this?

Peep the video too:

RIP Mr. Cee!