First of all, thanks to everyone who came out and said “hi” to me this evening. I was genuinely touched by all the love. I don’t do this for props (but props are nice!)

Second all, standing ovation for Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings for putting on a hellafied show that exceeded expectations. Part of me does kind of wish I could go back to the last time I saw them – at the tiny Elbo Room in S.F. – but seeing them rock a sold out El Rey was outstanding in its own way too. With apologies to Virginia Slim: they’ve come a long way, baby.

Top 5 Moments (in chrono order)
1) Playing “Behind the Blue Curtains” by the El Michels Affair, having someone walk up to me, say, “nice selections” and add, “I co-wrote this song.”

2) Playing “Make the Road By Walking” by the Menahan Street Band without realizing that the guy who wrote and recorded it was standing six feet behind me. He came up, noted, “I wrote this in my bedroom” (or was it bathroom?) and then was telling me how he had to go down to meet Jay-Z and “approve the lyrics” in order for them to sample the song. When he gets off tour, Tom Brenneck’s going to give me the full scoop, which I’ll bring back to here.

3) Getting love from the staff. It’s one thing to make the audience happy but props from the soundmen and security is who I’m always glad to please.

4) Hearing my name called from stage with applause from the full house. Again, I don’t do this for props (but props are nice…as was getting paid even though I didn’t ask to be).

5) Watching Sharon Jones “do the boogaloo” as part of her encore. She really is simply incredible live.

Bottom 3 Moments (in chrono order)
1) Discovering that the second turntable had a busted left channel. The upside was that the sound guys managed to rig up a way to play it, without losing volume, in mono instead. Saved my keister.

2) Dropping my MD recorder after nearly 2 hours of taping my set. The battery cover came loose and that negated everything I had taped until then. I love digital recording technology but I also hate how fragile it can be. You don’t lose the recording when you drop a tape Walkman! Sheesh.

3) Standing for over five hours, much of it spent hunched over. Oof.

So check it out…after the show, I was asked to keep playing for about half an hour and that I managed to tape. All slow jams, fit for the end of a long evening.

I might “do” something with this in the upcoming weeks, maybe as a bonus recording for my next mix-CD. However, I’m offering it, as a digital download, to anyone who was actually at the show and came up to say hi. If that sounds like you, simply email me and tell me what I was wearing. That’s all!

BTW: R.I.P to Pimp C. A terrible day for hip-hop fans.