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People wasted no time; love it!

Question (from Sean): “How many feathers are on a Perdue chicken?”

Answer: I’ll get to that once I figure out how many times the Batmobile caught a flat.

Question (from Jay Yo): “Any interest in the large influx of new UK house/bass/dubstep talent of recent years? Artists, labels, sounds that piqué your interest?”

Answer: The simple response to the first question is: no (thereby making the second question besides the point).

The truth is – as this site is evidence of – I’ve never gotten into most forms of contemporary electronic dance music. It’s not for any real reason besides time: learning any new genre takes a great deal of time and I’d rather spend that time digging deeper into the genres I’m already invested in. Occasionally, when a song from that world crosses my path, I find myself really enjoying it so it’s certainly not for any taste reason. As a disco fan, there’s definitely a lot of house music that I could get into though I find dubstep a bit too over-the-top for my taste (but maybe I’ve only heard crappy dubstep).

By the way, this is a tangent, but I recently had lunch with an acquaintance who thinks there’s real connection between the growth in computer programming types and the popularity of EDM…something about how the same skill set can be applied to both. Also something about how EDM is easy to listen to while programming. Anyways, just a random anecdote.