I have a post over at Office Naps looking at a few Bay Area soul 45s, one of which has been a Soul Sides favorite since the beginning, but the other two I’ve never blogged about before. Enjoy (and thanks to Little Danny for the collabo).

Here it is: Bay City Rollin’.

By the way, I found out some terrible, terrible news last week. Sugar Pie DeSanto (whose song, “The Whoopee” is one of the ones featured on Office Naps) lost her husband and home last week to an apartment fire. There’s now a fund being set up to help her out and Ubiquity Records will also be running some similar work. This is a legend and a very sweet person and our heart goes out to her during this terrible tragedy. To help donate or get more info on the story, visit here. I’ll try to run a promotion in the next few weeks as well.