Eddie Bo: Hook and Sling
From 7″ (Scram, 1969). Also on Hook and Sling.

Abraham: Hook and Boogie
From 7″ (Hy Sign, 19??). Also on Sound of Funk, Vol. 7.

I’ve been cleaning out the digital closet, came upon Abraham’s 45 and figure it was high time to finally get this posted and then shelved. As you will shortly hear, the latter is – as far as I understand – an uncredited cover of Eddie Bo’s “Hook and Sling”…I’ve even read the accusation that Abraham was basically trying to pass off “Hook and Boogie” as a new dance tune without acknowledging the prior existence of “Hook and Sling.”

Bo’s song is arguably his biggest hit as a solo artist – so good I heard it in a…margarine commercial a few years back. That was bugged. Super snappy and a brilliantly assembled funk tune that shares a lot in common with the better qualities of other NOLA dance tracks of the same era like the Meters’ “Cissy Strut.” Not surprisingly, that’s why “Hook and Sling” is also Bo’s most covered song.

“Hook and Boogie” is fun enough but clearly, completely derivative…a cover in everything but name. If the story is true – that he was trying to pass it off as if “Hook and Sling” didn’t exist – I have to say that must have been completely brazen or just plain stupid. Not a bad tune though.