First of all, a few factoids about Soul Sides in 2005:

  • 707,754 page loads
  • 556,436 unique visitors
  • 219,294 repeat visitors
  • 71,376 page loads in the busiest month (September, followed by August, then April)
  • 58,965 average monthly page loads.
  • 144 (+/- 2) music-related entries (with roughly 2 songs per post)
  • 0 cease and desist letters (woo hoo!)

By the way, at some point tonight in fact, we’ll have crossed the 1,000,000th page load since the site’s inception. Awesome.

I also just updated the blog roll. What’s scary is that I added new links left in the comments section of that entry and while I normally have a handful of new links…I had 21 to add to the “New and Under Review” section. Like whoa.

I will very briefly say that the one thing I noticed in many of these newer sites is my age-old pet peeeve: step up your design game. You don’t need super-duper professional templates, but a clean, simple, uncluttered page isn’t much to ask for.

And no more black backgrounds with big fonts and multi-colors. It looks like someone slaughtered a zebra at a rave or something. If you insist on rocking a black background, at least be as elegant as these guys or these guys. Actually, no more funky color combinations period: save that for your kicks. If you insist on doing something other than white, then you get your color coordination skillz art school tight.

Ok, rant over.