Music For Robots: “It’s everything you want in a great soul comp.” “…satisfying for audiophiles, it’s also a sexy record as a whole to groove to.”

Paper Magazine: “Part history lesson, part novelty disc, but completely essential, Soul Sides represents vintage R&B at its purest and most relevant.” “Wang went the extra mile in assembling a wide spectrum of lesser-heard dope joints, but with enough familiarity…to keep novices from getting scared off.” “There isn’t a clunker in the pile.”

Minneapolis City Pages: “…his criteria of inclusion isn’t so much bottom-of-the-crate one-upsmanship as musical merit.” “Playing like a companion to the blog that spawned it, Soul Sides Vol. 1 is sure to please lovers of good music, regardless of genre.”

Stylus Magazine: “Here’s hoping this disc is the first in a very long series.”

SF Weekly: “…the collection is as tight as one would expect from the musical gems on Wang’s site.”

The Hub Weekly: “If this music doesn’t make you move, you may want to check your pulse.”

Prefix Magazine: “Consider, then, Soul Sides Volume One Wang’s take on grown ‘n’ sexy.”

Seattle Weely: “It seems lazy to breezily claim that all of Wang’s picks are stellar, but that is, in fact, the truth.”

SF Bay Guardian: “these 14 rare tracks stand alone as fabulous testament to the kind of soul music that made you love music in the first place — sweet, gritty, shake-your-ass-then-turn-the-lights-down tracks that should please everyone from the geekiest aficionado to my Cantonese-speaking dad.”

LA Weekly (Part 1): “this compilation isn’t a canonical exercise, it’s a wild array of free associations that make you feel and laugh and dance.”

LA Weekly (Part 2): “raw, beautiful, old-fashioned soul music.”

Chattanogga Pulse: “There are plenty of conversation-starters here for soul aficionados…but these songs are not just curiosities.”

SeeingBlack.Com: “Soul Sides is about great music that far too few are aware of and timeless pieces that deserve more shine.”