MORE NITE (2 of 3)

The Nite-Liters: Bakers Instant
From Instrumental Directions (RCA, 1972)

The Nite-Liters: Do the Granny
From Different Strokes (RCA, 1972)

To get the background on The Nite-Liters, start here.

Originally, I was going to post the best known hit from the Nite-Liters’ Instrumental Directions LP – “Afro Strut” but then I remembered, I actually had it up back in August of last year. Still, I was torn because “Afro Strut” is so kick ass, it’s hard to deny it simply out of concern for being redundant. On the other hand, as one of the group’s biggest singles, it’s not that hard to track down the song other places and in the interests of keeping things new, I went with one of the Nite-Liters’ slept-on (IMO) songs – “Bakers Instant,” a sly, mid-tempo groover that reminds me of “Down and Dirty” but it’s deceptively more frenetic in its own way. Plus it boasts a superb drum solo at the end.

“Do the Granny” is probably my favorite song by the Nite-Liters: I love how it builds with the guitars patiently but then drops in that massive drum fill and those thunderous basslines. Put this in your car, crank the volume as high as you can and just wait for that moment to come. Gets me. Every. Time. BLOWE!

By the way, one of my favorite audioblogs, Evigan Funk, is no more. The good news is that Evigan’s poster, Junior, has now migrated over to Ear Fuzz.