Dr. Delay: Well Done (snippet mix)*

From Well Done Mix-CD (Funk Weapons Int’l, 2005)

Nas + AZ: Life’s a Bitch (DJ Delay remix)

From Medium: Rare II Mix-CD (Funk Weapons Int’l, 2005)

I’ll be honest – I often confuse Dr. Delay and DJ Day (who I’ll have a post from coming soon)…not just because their names are similar but mostly because both put out kick ass mixes and edit tracks. With DELAY, he’s just released a power-pack double-CD set, one of funkalcious b-boy tracks for you to wear your Puma soles out to; the other a collection of rare rap that never compromises quality simply for the sake of obscurity.

I included the first 9 minutes or so of Well Done, the b-boy mix; what’s nuts is that Delay manages to find at least a few dozen songs that allows him to maintain the same upbeat groove throughout the entire CD yet it without feeling repetitive or redundant.

The second track is actually a bonus cut that Delay includes at the end of Medium: Rare II, a remix of “Life’s a Bitch,” by Nas, feat. AZ. If I’m not mistaken, I think Delay actually put this together on a whim for an impromptu remix contest on Soulstrut.com but it hardly sounds like something he slapped together. I was never a huge fan of the original beat to “Life’s a Bitch,” but I’m loving how Delay gives this song a whole new sound and feel. (Hint: white label needed!)

Both CDs are only available for a limited time (I got #101 out of 250 limited run) so act fast to order.

*I purposefully encoded the snippet at a measly 64 rate. The actual CD sounds much better, believe that.