Ghostface and Raekwon: Kilos
From Fish Scale (Def Jam, 2005 upcoming)

Ok, we’re back from 10 days on vacation, refreshed and ready to put some work in (at least until we get burnt out). While on break, we admit, we checked in to see what was poppin’ off and last week, this new Ghostface and Raekwon track, “Kilos” hit the internet, fresh off a recent Kayslay mix-CD.

Ghost and Rae rappin’ about drugs is nothing new and in general, crack nostalgia seems to be at an all-time high (check my man HHH’s analysis when he drops it) but what really caught my ear with “Kilos” is the fact that the producer, Moss, flips this crazy children’s album that’s all about metrics. I picked it up a few months ago and was planning on dropping a song off of it (not this one above in any case) for a mix-CD at some point but looks like Ghost beat me to it. The whole album is pretty funny: blaxploitation-type funk licks used to educate kids on the metric system vis a vis a cartoon character. Suffice to say, I doubt this LP really caught much fire in the U.S. (But it’s never too late. C’mon dudes, metric is not evil. It’s simpler than what we use now, word!)