Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers: Searching For Soul Pt. 1
Dee Edwards: Deal With That
From Searching For Soul (Luv N’ Haight, 2005)

Following in the line of other excellent regional soul/funk comps like Luv N’ Haight’s Bay Area Funk and California Soul or Jazzman’s Texas Funk, the Wolverine State gets combed over for Searching For Soul: Rare and Classic Soul, Funk and Jazz From Michigan 1968-1980.

As always, there’s some downright awesome stuff on here. I actually had the Jake Wade up last year with only one comment about how friggin’ baaaaaaad ass this song is. Seriously, this is one of the illest 45s I know…are people just not into deep, dark grooves like this anymore? Ok then, more for me.

I love this Dee Edwards cut – it just leaped off the CD and grabbed me by my ear. For one thing, it has that blues+funk soul sound I can never get enough of. Moreover, when you actually listen to what Edwards is saying, you realize how completely f—ed up of a message she’s sending here, basically, “you can cheat on me, but as long as it’s on a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ tip, I don’t really mind.”

Girl, do like Eddie Kendricks and get thee a change of mind! Soul power = yes! Cuckold empowerment = not so much.