Nite-Liters: Anything Goes
From A-Nal-Y-Sis (Reissue) (RCA/Dusty Groove, 2009)

I first heard of this album through an article in Waxpoetics issue 4, which focused on the interesting body-painted cover. The music is less artsy and more straightforward instrumental funk. Dusty Groove got into the reissue game over the past couple of years, and their latest offering is the New Birth-associated, Fuqua III-produced offshoot The Nite-Liters’ 1973 album “A-Nal-Y-Sis.” While it has a wide release later in September, you can buy it now through Dusty Groove.

The album’s intro “Serenade For A Jive Turkey” is a sweat-it-out scorcher. Featuring a steady back rhythm, its horn section is the star. Like the title implies, this song ain’t for suckers. While the album features no true lead vocals, the second cut peppers in some nonsensical lyrics on “Anything Goes,” perhaps the most accessible song on the album.

You might recognize the guitar lick from “Damn” from Dr. Dre’s “Lyrical Gangbang” (albeit it with thicker drums on the Dre posse cut). They also give a funkier performance on the Hathaway-penned “Valdez In The Country” by adding in their powerhouse horn section. Finally, for you budding (and seasoned) samplers out there needing some drums, take note of the class-is-in-session workout on “Drumology,” aptly named for Robin Russell’s almost Lesson-like session with Leroy Taylor with the assist on bass. Wowsers.