Fat Joe: Safe 2 Say
From All Or Nothing (Atlantic, Spring 2005)

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus. Kris says I’m as bad as Jay-Z – we talk about taking a break, but we’re still here, dropping it like it’s hot. Hey, is it my fault my kid takes after her old man as a procrastinator?

Anyways, Hua and I have been jawing about how binoculars Just Blaze’s productions have been. In Mr. Hsu’s eloquent words, Blaze makes beats that “have me wanting to punch dudes in the face just for living.” So trill.

Then Hua heps me to this new Fat Joe track that Blaze lights up and J.F. Christ, this is off the third rail. To call it explosive is an understatement and what I especially like is how the beat manages to be both clean and chaotic at the same moment, reminding me of Blaze’s touch on “U Don’t Know” or “P.S.A.”

The coup de grace = Blaze scratching up Chuck D’s “once again, back is the incredible.”

Q: Is JB the new Premier? (Where has Primo been anyways?)