I’m stepping out of town for a few days (and the laptop is in the repair shop – again – so I’m leaving folks with a lil extra. I was so enamored with MF Doom’s latest, MM…Food. I decided to edit up three clips and do it as a podcast. I’m still working out the technical kinks in getting this up to broadcast speed but in the meantime, it’s not a big file to download to your MP3 player or computer.

My transcript for the podcast is based off a review I just wrote on the album for Amazon.com:

    Doom, aka Zev Love X, aka Viktor Vaughn, aka King Geedorah, has so many alter egos, it’s a task to keep track of his prolific catalog but the one shared thread to all his albums is Doom’s bugged out lyricism and eclectically inspired production motifs. Whether cartoon soundtracks or ’80s soul singles or moody jazz melodies, Doom embraces any and all sounds with equal affection.

    Despite the presence of guests like Count Bass D (“Potholderz”), Madlib (“One Beer”) and the Molemen’s PNS (“Kon Queso”), this is all Doom’s mastermind. His latest, culinary inspired outing, is a loopy food-crazed journey through 15 tracks best described by the last song: “Kookies” but while it’s tempting to call him an acquired taste, Doom’s not for for deep underground heads who treat his rhymes like cipher puzzles to unpack. His approach to music-making, seemingly random (but anything but), packs so much dazzling style and unpredictable flair that the fiftieth listen can be an enthralling as the first.

As you’ll note, there are no downloadable soundclips this time around since I only would have done snippets anyways. Besides, my point is (as with everything that I post): go buy this. Unlike the more obscure things that get Soul Sided, this album is available everywhere, so get thee to a record store.