• A brief contribution from me was included in NPR’s round-up of “the sounds of summer.” I picked one of my favorite, end-of-summer jams: “Be Thankful For What You Got.”
  • My dude Dino Rivera of Spintronix sent me some new business card scans from the mobile DJ era.
    This sheet is especially cool for all the record and music stores on there. Aloha is legendary amongst dance DJs of the 1980s and I remember going to Star Records when it was still around. Manor Music, in Pacifica, perseveres but most of the other businesses are long gone now.

  • Speaking of Spintronix, they have a trailer for their own upcoming autobiographical documentary on the crew’s history. I don’t mean to humblebrag but I’m slightly embarrassed to be the pretentious dude speaking first.

  • By the way, I don’t know how many of y’all are on Spotify but I just put this up: the Black Label collection. My long-time readers may remember this from way back when. Insanely well-curated (and not by me!)