Manzel: Midnight Theme (Dopebrother 7″ remix)
From 7″ and Midnight Theme (Dope Brother, 2004)

Day Two of Beat Week brings us one of the more famed breakbeats out there: Manzel’s “Midnight Theme.”

Calling someone’s drums “crisp” is a total cliche but seriously, listen to this and tell me what other word fits as well? The Kenny Dope remix of this obscure disco single extends the intro drum break and engineers it to such perfection you’d swear the drummer was sitting behind you. And yeah, the drums are crisp! Take your style guides and shove ’em.

Anyways, the drums are great but the whole song is killer. People who say “disco sucks” are just being ignorant, especially when you can point to Manzel’s music and say, “see? Stop being a dumb ass hater.” Don’t sleep on the rest of this album either.