Chris Miguel and Dino Rivera: Mix Part 1 & Mix Part 2.
Recorded for Imagine 8, S.F. 1987

Recognize ya’ll – Spintronix have been running the Bay Area mobile DJ scene since their inception in the mid-1980s. Among their alum include radio DJs like Scotty Fox and Chris the Rebel, not to mention founder of Classified Records, Kormann Roque. These two segments come courtesy of DJ Dino Rivera, who, along with Chris Miguel, were some of the illest mixers on four turntables back in the proverbial day. (Yeah folks, this is back when DJs mixed…rather than shouting their names over sloppy segues.)

This was originally recorded for Imagine 8, one of the Mark Bradford’s (in)famous DJ showcases that were THE event in the 1980s to attend. Act like you knew.