The Bizzie Boys: Droppin’ It
On 12″ (Payroll, 1990). Also on Ego Trip Presents The Big Playback

Supreme Nyborn: Versatile Extension
On 12″ (Payroll, 1988)

Ok…was it truly necessary to “invent” a Soul Sides Private Reserve? Not really but 1) I wanted something to complement the generous donation of the Black Label Collection, but drawn from my own library and 2) I was hella bored. There you have it. Soul Sides got more spin-offs than Law and Order – can we live?

Anyways, for the inauguration of the Private Reserve, I digitized a cassette tape (remember those?) I bought at The Sound Library in NYC (big up to Jared) when I was out there in June. It’s entitled Payroll Vol. 1 and was a compilation of late ’80s rap tunes from the indie label Payroll. Best-known (and I use that term generously) for being the original homes of Supreme Nyborn and The Bizzie Boys (read up on your Ego Trip if you need some schooling), the label wasn’t exactly extra-prolific, but what little they did manage to release (appx. half a dozen 12″s, mostly by Supreme Nyborn aka Supreme DJ Nyborn) was pretty damn good, especially for the era.

Out of the 8 songs on the tape, I’m starting with two of the biggest hits: The Bizzie Boys’ ‘Droppin’ It” and Supreme Nyborn’s “Versatile Extension”. There are actually two copies of “Droppin’ It” out there – one on Payroll, the other on the Texas indie label, Yo. Each features a different B-side and the Yo version has a slight remix not found on Payroll. Great song in whatever form you get it: simple, funky, fly. I love “Versatile Extension,” just for the way that Nyborn and company kick the song off with a long monologue that ends in “you want to remix it?” “Let’s remix it” “Boom!” There is an edit of this song on Nyborn’s one and only album, Style (on Next Plateau) but alas, they cut out the bulk of the intro chatter. Mega-hot joint though, either way.