More songs I appreciate…

1. Justin Timberlake: Senorita (from “Justified”)

Yeah, I know fools want to hate on him with a passion but I can’t deny – this song is so fucking butter I want to spread it on a biscuit. It’s just a great, soulful song and you don’t necessarily have to love Justin but c’mon, feel this, will you?

2. Digable Planets: The May 4th Movement (from “Blowout Comb”)

It’s no secret but this album is one of the great hip-hop LPs to come out of the ’90s but was never really given the credit when it first came out, mostly b/c Digable’s new Black Power politics seemed to alienate all the white, coffee house bohos who were jocking the first album. In any case, this song is such a great way to kick off the LP – not only is the beat beautifully smooth and jazzy but that roll call at the front? “1, time, for your mind…2 times for Mumia’s saint crew…3 times for the Brooklyn times and 7 times for pleasure.” It’s only really ruined by Doodlebug’s stumbling flow – no wonder he got left out the group.

3. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra: Che Che Cole Makossa (12″ only)

I’ve been playing this song every week on my show for at least six weeks. Hands-down, best thing this NYC crew has ever put together and just such a fantastic track that’s club-friendly but doesn’t pander to it like a Nelly/Neptunes collabo. In my book, it’s a new funk classic.

4. Mauricio Smith: Viva Guajira (from “Bitter Acid”)

First of all, I need an OG of this LP so help a brother out! It’s Latin albums like this that make me realize that there probably is a God, or at least a God who’s down with guajira and boogaloo rhythms. This whole album is fab but “Viva Guajira” is such a perfect blend of funk, soul and Latin that if I didn’t know better, some intrepid producer put it together last week out of old King and Tico albums.

5. Al Green: I Want To Hold Your Hand (45 and on “Love Ritual”)

This was Green’s first ever single for Hi Records and unreleased on any album until ’89’s “Love Ritual.” I can’t get enough of this cover…I put it on my upcoming mixtape and have practically stuck it on repeat. It’s so goddamn funky, snapping with the kind of fervor that songs like “Hey Ya” invoke today.