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Raymond Guiot: Oriental Vibrato (Tele-Music, 196?, Indicatifs)

Chatelain & Roy: La Parade Du Depart (Tele-Music, 196?, Un Tour De France)

I’ve said this on many occasions (here) but while I definitely don’t go out of my way to collect library records as a genre, I also don’t pass them by when I cross paths with a decent one. These two both came from my recent Paris trip (Tele-Music is a French library series) and while I didn’t score my main Tele-Music white whale, I wasn’t mad at paying relatively little for each of these.

“Oriental Vibrato” is some straight up dusty fingers joint (no, I mean, literally, it was) though I’m surprised that it doesn’t seem to have been sampled by anyone. What’s the squawk made by? Sounds like a horn of some sort but with a weird muted effect.

I’m definitely all about “La Parade Du Depart,” which is the only memorable track off an album inspired by the Tour De France. It’s all about that transition from the flute-y funk it opens with to the MJQ-like piano tinkling. Interestingly, my 10 year old loves this song though when pressed, she can’t articulate why. Like father, like daughter?