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BADBADNOTGOOD: The World Is Yours/Brooklyn Zoo (Self-release, 2011, BBNG)

Hip-hop influenced jazz album.
If I remember this correctly, someone at the sampling workshop that Thes and I put together asked what we thought of hip-hop instrumental remakes by jazz bands, citing BBNG as one example. I said I hadn’t heard their work but that, on principle, it always seemed like an odd idea since odds are, a jazz remake wasn’t going to improve upon the instrumental of the original.

But you know what? This is pretty damn good. And no, it’s not better than Pete Rock’s original but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good in its own right. You get a sense of the essence of the source material, executed quite nicely by a trio that sounds capable of executing on a whole lot more (but is content with this little trip down memory lane).

365 Days of Soul, #66