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Black Maddness: Igpay Atinlay (Select, 1993, 12″)

2nd issue of the debut single by Black Maddness. Only one of three (official) releases they ever dropped. Produced by Audiodisiac.

If you need any evidence of how open-ended hip-hop could be in 1993, just listen to this: a single rapped partially in pig latin. What makes this even more extraordinary is that the original version of this came out on a smaller indie label and Select presumably picked them up on the strength of it. A rap song about pig latin. Saying.

Note: I’m not dogging. I think it’s great this existed. When I first started volunteering at KALX as a college sophomore circa 1992, this and No Concept’s “Homie The Clown” were some of the first singles I dubbed. Ah, back in the day.