Its a mystery 500x325

I need your help. This clip was sent to me from a reader who found it on an unmarked test pressing – absolutely no discographic info whatsoever – and I had never heard it before either. Anyone out there recognize it? If so, I’ll prep you a digital gift package of music for your help!



8 thoughts on “SOLVE THIS MYSTERY”

  1. Early Del? Same loose rhyme scheme, though it sounds like his voice hasn’t dropped yet. Also references to skaters, East Bay and drugs.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions but it’s definitely not Del.

    And not Ugly Duckling. They’re an LA group. They wouldn’t be rapping about Bay Area DJs.

  3. It sounds like it could be MC Frontalot in both voice/accent and rhyme choices, but like he’s trying to keep his flow slow for some reason?

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