After what seemed like a quiet winter/spring, Daptone has burst out with a grip of new releases over the last few months.

Of the bunch, my favorite has been Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens’ “Sinner“:

I wouldn’t have expected this to have been the cut I’d gravitate to but there’s such power here, especially in those opening bars where Shelton lights into “I…was…born!!!!!” This is the lead cut off the upcoming Naomi Shelton album.

I’m also into the new Ever-Soul reissue of The Relatives’ “Leave Something Worthwhile”.

From what I can suss out, this is the first time this track appears on 7″ and it’s a fantastic slice of mid-tempo/crossover gospel soul. Feel good, all day long. Drops July 15.

Also feeling the new single by the former back-up singing duo of Saun and Starr (aka the Dapettes).

Besides liking any story that features back-up singers moving to the front of the stage, this single has that classic Dap-Kings sound. Both sides are aces.

Last, we have Charles Bradley, joining forces with LaRose Jackson on a limited (and now sold out) 7″:

To be candid, despite this being on hot pink vinyl(!), I surprisingly wasn’t that into either side but that is, of course, purely a subjective opinion. They’re competent sides, just nothing that inherently connected with me though.