So yeah, ^this^ happened.1

I’m incredibly honored to have written the preface for Thes’s stunning (and literal) box-set. (Sold out; hope you didn’t sleep). As I allude to in the it, it’s been a strange but awesome journey from being some writer Thes and Double K didn’t know except to hate to someone who I get to build with as a friend and colleague on a regular basis.2

If, years from now, I barely remember other tales from my life as a rap writer, this would still be fresh in my memory.

  1. First things first – because I’m always copy-editing myself in hindsight – a small correction: PUTS was mad at me because of something I wrote in the LA Weekly. When I first wrote the preface in 2010, I thought what had sparked them off was something I had written for my pre-blogging blog. I should have caught that error when Thes asked me, literally a few weeks ago, to re-send my piece. Oh well.
  2. Thes actually spoke to my CSULB class the other week and funny enough: K’s niece is one of my students.