Quantic tear

Late summer can be a slow time for new releases but Quantic has blessed us with not one but two new 7″s, each of which are well worth copping.

This week, he dropped his cumbia remake of “Doo Wop (That Thing)” with French-Chilean rapper filling in mic duties for L-Boogie. I heard he had this instrumental in the works back when he was on the podcast but I wasn’t sure he was going to put it out.

Quantic feat. Anita/Ana Tijoux: Doo Wop
On 7″ (Tru Thoughts, 2013)

Just a few weeks back, Quantic – teaming this time with British singer Alice Russell – dropped a cool ice blue, tear-shaped 7″ with “I’d Cry” and my favorite cut, the B-side “Here Again.” Both of these came out on last year’s Look Around the Corner CD but this is the first time they’ve come out on single.

Quantic feat. Alice Russell: Here Again
On 7″ (Tru Thoughts, 2013)

Tru Thoughts hooked us up with both singles. If you’d like a chance and winning both, answer this question: What Quantic Soul Orchestra remix flips a “Shanty Town”-soundalike loop for one of NY’s finest?

Think you know the answer? Email us, subject line “Quanticize Me!”

Contest over: congrats Dave H.! The answer was: