Archival box vinyl recordings

One thing I didn’t mention in my collecting guide: collecting is a pain in the ass. At some point, there’s this critical mass you accumulate where your records outpace your brain’s capacity to keep them organized. I regularly buy singles I don’t think I have only to discover: duh, I do. I forget what songs sound like and stare at them, as if I can force my memory banks to recall the melody or rhythm of a record’s that’s become a memory.

I try to stay semi-organized by having a box I label “TBF”: to be filed. And I have good intentions; this is supposed to be the box that I’ll eventually file stuff from by genre and name but at this point, I have multiple TBF boxes and not those small carrying case kind. The long boxes. You know what I mean.

Some of these singles have been sitting in TBF limbo for years and I decided: this is stupid. If I’m not going to file them, I should at least play them and thus was born, the TBF Hour (two actually), broadcast live via last night.

If you weren’t one of those dozen or so tuning you, you missed out. But not really since here’s the show. No track listing (I’m too lazy to cut and paste from the ustream chat window) but I back announce everything during the mic breaks. It’s all mid/uptempo soul and funk, plus a few slow jams at the end (you know how I do).

I have a few more TBF shows to do, trust. Until then, enjoy this one.