As I wrote in my last post about 45 cases, one of the coolest cases I had seen were the wooden ones that Japan’s Face Records once sold through Turntable Lab.

As it turns out, DJ Rodi in Long Beach has teamed up with his brother (a wood worker) to produce a very similar line (photo above). I took a look at ’em this past week and they’re legit: well-constructed, well-reinforced with solid hardware, comes standard in a blond wood but can be ordered with darker stains. Fits about 80 7″s or so. $120 each, not including shipping, which makes them about $20 less expensive than Face’s model (plus you won’t have to pay for shipping from JPN). Interested? Holler at Rodi.

I’m working with them to design a custom box according to some specs I’m hoping to see realized and it sounds like Rodi and his brother are open to custom jobs so feel free to ask.