By “rediscovery” I just mean “old records”…but I wanted it to sound classier. But yeah, I meant to do something just like this in 2011…and never ended up doing it and made sure I didn’t flake again this year. Or, er, for last year.

(I also used this as a way to test out live-streaming audio via ustream.tv…I’m going to try that again for a live show next week, hopefully taking requests on the fly.)

The defining sound in 2012 for me was definitely sweet soul. It’s always a favorite but I think more so than any other year I can remember, that really dominated what ended up in heavy rotation for me on a personal level. In hindsight, I probably could/should have diversified this list with some other tunes but I wanted this to be a “gut-level” list of songs that made the most impact on me in the previous year.

Episode 32: 2012 Rewind

Songs included (with links to original posts if applicable):

  1. Same group that recorded “Herm” but this single is far easier to come by then that holy grail.
  2. There’s an earlier version of this song on Zodiac but has a shorter intro. Not sure if the group re-recorded the tune or re-edited the original when they re-released this on Shock.