I said in September that I’d write more about Dee Dee Warwick..and then forgot to do that. Oops.

Dee Dee Warwick: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
Another Lonely Saturday
From I Want To Be With You, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Mercury, 1967)

These two came off of Warwick’s solo debut LP and it’s still early enough where you can sense that producers weren’t 100% certain where to slot Warwick as an artist. There’s still quite a few touches of then-contemporary pop singing, ala the kind of songs her sister Dionne was getting. However, you can sense the potential for Warwick’s vocal power on her original version of “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.” The tune helped launch Warwick’s career though it was a bigger hit in the hands of Motown a year or so later. The production on Warwick’s original doesn’t hold up to the Motown machine but I’d still give Warwick the vocal nod over Diana Ross; when she hits that chorus – oh my.