The only downside to Numero Group is that they put out too much damn music!1 Just as I’m trying to catch up with the excellence that was their Boddie set, I’m now trying to stay atop of their upcoming Lou Ragland and Red, Black and Green Productions releases respectively and their dropping limited edition vinyl exclusives by gospel singer Shirley Ann Lee and the one I’m most jazzed about: this Boddie-vault rescue by the girl group, Love Apple.

Love Apple: What Will Tomorrow Bring?
From S/T (Numero Group, 2012)

The sound quality isn’t the best but that’s because this was a rehearsal tape recorded by Lou Ragland in 1978 (but sounding more like ’68) that was never saw the proverbial light of day.

And good god, this is awesome.

I. Love. This. Sh–.

So simple and good. It’s only six songs but it’s all quality, especially the ballads which, like the song above, just slay me. Obviously, it’s nice to imagine what this might have sounded like as a finished, studio product but the rawness of this would have been likely lost in the process too. Either way, what you have here can be well appreciated.

Numero is generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for one vinyl copy. You know the deal: email us, subject line “Love Apple”. I’ll pick a winner at random by the end of the week.
(Congrats Samuel B.!)
And if you just want to go out and get it, don’t wait too long.

  1. This is not a real complaint. Well, mostly it’s not.