Mud.jpg Wolf.jpg Frog.jpg

Muddy Waters : I Just Wanna Make Love To You & Mannish Boy
taken from the album
“Electric Mud” on Cadet (1968)

Howlin’ Wolf : Spoonful, Smokestack Lightning & Evil
taken from the album
“The Howlin’ Wolf Album” on Cadet (1968)

Wynder K Frog : Into The Fire & Howl In Wolf’s Clothing
taken from the album
“Into The Fire” on United Artists (1970)

It makes little sense to me, how after years of tirelessly searching the used bins at hundreds of music stores, religiously reading the record reviews in all types of periodicals, and more recently, scouring the vast savannas of the blogosphere for great sounds, somehow, I still have managed to miss some of the most fundamental things. Enter Muddy and Wolf.

I found these 3 records together at the same small local shop that I picked up those Super Blues & Bo Diddley LPs at a while back, and I have a hunch that they all came from the same collection. While I shamefully recognized back then that I had blindly slept on the funky rawness of the Super Blues trio (Diddley, Muddy & Wolf), I now feel like a total imbecile for not realizing the depth of these cats greatness. Shredding and pounding this hard back in ’68, these dudes almost make Hendrix seem less badass – almost. Now Wynder K Frog may not stand up to the monumental gangster that these guys represent, but at least he had the decent sense back then to recognize a good thing when it was going on and try to join the party. Some might recognize his tribute to Wolf, “A Howl In Wolf’s Clothing” (which is pretty clearly ripped from “Smokestack”), as the basis for a Handsome Boy Modelling School cut. Also nice to hear a raucous 30-second cowbell drumbreak at the top of side-A.