Michael Piggott runs Masstropicas, dedicated to the sounds and styles of Peruvian cumbia. He first came to my attention back when his label put out the Ranil’s Jungle Party in 2010, and we’ve been chatting off and on since then. My readers know that I’m a big fan of the surf-y style of Peruvian cumbia and Piggott has gone literally deep into the cities of the Peruvian Amazon to find artists to interview and record. His latest is a reissue of the Grupo 2000 album as well as a very cool Cantos Icaros cassette of Placido from Sensación Shipibo (which benefits the artist himself, after his house burned down).

The Sidebar #24: Michael Piggott of Masstropicas

Music used in the podcast:

      (From Grupo 2000’s

El Destape

    unless *otherwise noted)

  • La Ronzapa
  • El Tinajón
  • El Destape A Los 2000
  • Flor Tarapotina
  • *Es Pumita Andy y su Geniales: Recuerdos
  • *Ranil: Cumbia Sin Nombre (from Ranil’s Jungle Party)
  • *Placido: El Ayahuasca (from Cantos Icaros)
  • Sombra Verde