A very very cool new package from the folks at Light in the Attic: they’ve recently turned their famous Seattle soul/funk anthology, Wheedle’s Groove into a 45s boxset which features 10 7″s highlighting songs/artists from the original comp. It’s a sick package, including replicated artwork for the 7″s which is always a nice touch, plus a bonus EP of Robbie Hill’s Family Affair’s unreleased sessions.

Unfortunately, they can’t offer the boxset for a giveaway since it’s a limited edition item, BUT Light in the Attic will giveaway an original copy of anthology on CD.

Also, don’t sleep on another recent LITA release: Kool and Together’s self-titled anthology:

Where Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys left off is exactly the spot where Kool and Together was born. For the Sanders brothers, the screams of Psychedelic Rock met with Motown’s funky Soul at a crossroads called Black Rock.

To enter, send us an email, titled “Wheelde’s Giveaway”. We’ll pick a winner at random next week.

Meanwhile, congrats to the winner of our last giveaway, J.W. (whose favorite cover song is Elliot Smith’s over of Big Star’s “13.”

Notable fact: the only cover to get more than two mentions was this (which was noted by four different people!):

Agreed – awesome cover.