This morning, Will Holland, aka Quantic, dropped by the studio and I couldn’t be more pleased since I’ve been a massive fan of his work for years and though we’ve corresponded via interweb and have some mutual friends, this is the first time I’ve met him in person.

Quantic has had a remarkably prolific and diverse career over the last decade, all now captured in the new 32-song double-CD anthology, Best of Quantic. With that in mind, I asked Will about his history as a producer, beginning in his early years, recording sample-based beats for TV licensing, up through the formation of the Quantic Soul Orchestra, with his collaborations with Alice Russell and Spanky Wilson, and into his major shift into Afro-Latin styles of the last five years.

The Sidebar #18: Quantic

Music in this episode:

All from Best of Quantic unless *otherwise indicated


  • Time is the Enemy
  • Absence Heard, Presence Felt
  • Transatlantic
  • *Fresh Rhythm
  • Super 8
  • Pushin On
  • I’m Thankful
  • Enough Said
  • *Los Melodicos: La Murga
  • Mi Swing Es Tropical
  • *Ray Santos: La Costa Brava
  • Cumbia Clash
  • Step Into a World
  • *Cumbia De Dilla
  • Death of the Revolution

Update: Just saw that J-Rocc has an official “best of Quantic” mix.