Frankie and the Spindles: Count to Ten
From 7″ (Roc-ker, 1968)

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve written about something other than hip-hop (or someone dying).

Reader Zach Robbins put me up on this Frankie and Spindles 7″ back in April and it’s been one of the few soul 7″s that have stayed in heavy rotation since spring. There’s much to love here in terms of the lowrider vibe, the catchy chorus and all that but here’s something that keeps nagging at me:

So the song is about how Frankie’s girl catches him talking with a female friend…she thinks he’s creeping and he’s saying, “hey baby, chill, count to ten and let me explain.”

1) If your girl is mad at you, telling her to “count to ten” is not going to improve matters. Trust me on this one.

2) I was willing to believe Frankie until the third verse, where he shops this explanation that, “we were actually talking about you!” which just strains the limits of credulity. I mean, maybe when Frankie wrote this, he thought it was totally plausible but at that point, it mostly sounds like “dude, you’re overselling this to the point of actually sounding guilty.”

I’m just saying.