Mayer Hawthorne, covering one of the few holiday songs I can remotely stomach*. I think this every year I hear Guaraldi’s classic but has there ever been a sadder, more melancholy, yet sublimely lovely Christmas song than this? It is so perfectly Schultzian in that weird mix of angst and hope that sprung eternal from the Peanuts creator. I thought Mayer did a great job here and pays real homage to the emotional truth of the original.

Mayer Hawthorne – Christmas Time Is Here by Mayer Hawthorne

You can DL it from here.

*This would be another.



5 thoughts on “MAYER MEETS GUARALDI”

  1. O-Dub – thanks for the tip (can’t go wrong with Mayer) and happy holidays.  Have you ever heard the cover by the band Marah of this tune on their album “A Christmas Kind of Town”?   They also nail the true vibe of the song.  It’s not a soul record, and I’m not a Christmas music fan either, but I dig out this album every year. 

  2. Oliver- wonderful post.  I’ve heard this song for years on the Guaraldi disc but never appreciated it til now because of the choral vocals, which for me obscure the lyrics, which are classic in their simplicity.    It’s now an all time favorite I can’t get out of my head this year and probably for all Christmases to come.  A great lyric and even better melody which I’m surprised hasn’t been covered as much as say, “Merry Christmas Baby”.  Can’t help but think Sinatra would have killed it and Mayer’s version certainly points the way for all manner of R&B covers.  Thank you (and Mayer) and of course, Merry Christmas.   

  3. I like this, but after posting this on my FB page, a raging debate began. One of my friends (a professional musician) stated this is simply karaoke, with Mayer singing over the original 1965 Vince Guaraldi Trio instrumental recording, and this position has been seconded by another FB poster. I feel that Mayer and/or musicians at Stones Throw recorded this song themselves (new music, Mayer’s vocals). Can anyone clear this up for me?


  4. JOyce: I think they are correct. You can hear the original here:

    Clearly sounds like the same instrumental. Regardless, even if it is karaoke, it’s pretty nice karaoke. And regardless, this was meant to be a holiday download rather than a “finished song”. I, of course, still prefer the original choral version but I’m not remotely mad at this version. 

  5. Thanks very much, O-Dub, for the quick reply. I agree with your thoughts on this song. BTW, Joyce is my last name 😎

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