This is from last night’s direct-to-vinyl performance at Capsule Labs in L.A. Mayer Hawthorne, along with the band Rick, recored live to vinyl in 15 min sets/sides. Most of Mayer’s sets were his songs from A Strange Arrangement but he and The Country did play one new song, presumably from an upcoming release. I’m guessing, based on the chorus, that the song is called “No Strings Attached” and it’s got a nice groove that has an ’80s feel but with ’70s instrumentation. Saying – Mayer’s still slow jam royalty and after a year-plus with only a couple of releases, it’ll be good to hear some new material coming from him.

Update: I’m an idiot. This song’s at least five months old. I totally forgot he put it out while on tour last year. That said, still feeling it.