Many Styles of Bobby Day: Your Love
From 7″ (Byrdland, 196?)

Don’t know how I forgot to post this earlier but this 7″ is one of my favorite examples of how you can combine sweet soul and some hard funk together in an incredible package. I’m not even going to explain what makes this so good – seriously, if you can’t figure it out within the first 15 seconds, it’s not worth trying harder. One thing though: Jerry Ford does a version of this song (not as good, IMO) but I can’t tell who is covering who; I’m inclined to think Ford’s is a cover of Day’s but I really don’t know. Paging Dante C!

Anyway, here’s my challenge to all my producing listeners: flip this. Chop those drums, find a way to f— with the opening vocals, but just do something interesting. (Personally, I’d love to hear a good chop reprogram of those hard-as-nails drums). Send me the results and I’ll post up the best ones in a few weeks.

As a reminder, the last time I did this, it resulted in some very good goodies. My favorite remix just got the “mono drum” treatment (this is a good thing):

Bobby Reed: The Time Is Right (Prince of Ballard Mono Drum Remix)