New York City: Hang Your Head In Shame
Set the Record Straight
From I’m Doin’ Fine Now (Chelsea, 1973)

Strutt: Said You Didn’t Love Him
From Time Moves On (Brunswick, 1976)

Facts of Life: Love Is the Final Truth
What Would Your Mama Say
From Sometimes (RCA, 1978). Also on Just the Facts.

Sorry for the quick hit and run but I’m writing this from an airport and need to keep things short n’ sweet. I’ve been meaning to write about this trio of artists for a while now, mostly because I felt like they were stylistically similar in a broad way (quintessentially ’70s jams) but I haven’t actually done much research on them or the albums but don’t let stop you from pursuing further reading. Of this batch, it’s the Strutt song that’s made the biggest impression on me; just love how it opens and such a great proto-disco groove to it.