As you’ve probably noticed, we look a little…different now.

Basically, I migrated Soul Sides from a blogspot-edited site to a WordPress edited site. I had to change the template in that transition but thanks to my brilliant wife, who happens to be a web designer, she pointed out that I could closely replicated the Minima template in blogspot with the Atahualpa theme in WordPress.

I should note: I was perfectly happy with blogspot for many years; I still use them for other blogs in fact. However, their decision to end FTP support meant that I had two options: change editing systems or move soul-sides to a new URL.

The latter seemed unreasonable but the former comes with a cost: I’m likely going to lose all the comments from the last six years. That kind of sucks but right now, I haven’t figured out an elegant solution short of going through roughly 1000+ posts and writing down new/old URLs to each.

It’s not like we have some awesome discussions in the comments but they are a useful repository for added knowledge that folks contribute. To that degree, I am sad to lose the comments hopefully, if people have stuff they want to add/ask, they’ll discover the appropriate posts in the archives and we can start anew.

Otherwise, WordPress has some powerful flexibility that didn’t exist with blogspot so I am looking forward to playing around with all the bells and whistles. The site feed is the same unless you were subscribed to our very very very old atom.xml file. If so, you should update your RSS reader with the correct feed.



6 thoughts on “SOUL SIDES’ NEW LOOK”

  1. will you enable a full rss feed?
    i really don’t like to visit the side out of my rss reader. sorry…

  2. Matthias: It should be a full feed. That’s what I thought I’ve always had it set at. Lemme check

  3. So not looking forward to moving my blog from blogspot to wordpress.  Glad it was relatively painless for you.

  4. The rotating banner at the top of the page is slick. I’m curious about all the “bells and whistles” on wordpress. Blogger seems to do all I need it to and, fortunately, I won’t be affected by the FTP issues.

  5. Thomas: I’m pretty sure there are blogspot templates that have rotating banners too; it’s not unique to WP. That said, WP has some intuitive tools that you can’t find built into the blogspot system. It’s not like some crazy, next-level improvements but more like smart, simple features that you wish blogspot would implement. 

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