Po-Boy-Citos: Brand New Dance
From 7″ single (Superultramega, 2009)

Orchestra Harlow: Horsin’ Up
From Presenta A Ismael Miranda (Fania, 1968)

Mophono: TIghten Up Remix
From 7″ (CB, 2007)

One of my favorite new singles to spin out has been the appropriately named “Brand New Dance” by New Orleans’ Po-Boy-Citos. I wrote about the group a year ago and they’ve been steadily building their name and catalog and this new 7″ is a real gem (hint: they need to make it easier to buy other than their show!)

“Brand New Dance” combines two big hits from the South – mostly obviously “Tighten Up by Texas’ Archie Bell and then they slide in a little “Check Your Bucket” for the hometown NOLA hero, Eddie Bo (there’s also a touch of Wardell Quezergue/Jean Knight with that intro which sounds adapted from “Mr. Big Stuff”). The mash-up is a fun slice of instrumental soul that has yet to fail me in the club. (The B-side, “Trinidad” is a slick, funky guajira for the Latin heads).(The group also has their first CD avail, while this new single will likely end up on their next album.

“Brand New Dance” instantly reminded me of Orchestra Harlow’s “Horsin’ Up,” recorded during Harlow’s reluctant boogaloo days. I also posted this up around a year ago but no one seemed to have a reaction to it but I’m still feeling how it throws together Cliff Nobles’ “Horse” and “Tighten Up” for a classically ’60s meeting of two big, complementary hits.

Both songs just remind us how insanely massive “Tighten Up” was in its moments. Easily one of the most covered songs of its kind and one where it’s hard to find a bad cover. In fact, I’d challenge anyone to send in a bad cover of this song, just to see if it actually exists. Just as some bonus flavor, I included Mophone’s remix of “Tighten Up” (I previously put up the B-side of this single) which manages to both slim the song down to its most vital components, especially the drums, and then juice ’em up heavy. Rat-a-tat-tat.