This past summer, I gave myself a goal to finally get back to making some new mixes. In particular, I wanted to create a new hip-hop mix and a multi-genre party mix. I loved making these “back in the day” which loosely translates into “before I was a dad and had a full-time job.” In a few days, I’m going to make good on half that promise by releasing Let It Whirl, the party mix (and the hip-hop mix will follow in a few weeks after).

To make room for these new mixes, especially since I’m selling them through my digital download store, I decided to “retire” two mixes I used to sell and make them available on Mixcloud.1

Groove Thing and Adventures in Rhythm were created in 2002 and 2003 respectively and Let It Whirl will stand proudly in their lineage.

DJ O-Dub: A Groove Thing (2002) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

DJ O-Dub: Adventures in Rhythm (2003) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

Also, I recently updated the Sidebar podcast with three “best of Shades of Soul” shows, including the popular “Start of Summer” and “Donny Hathaway Special” shows.

  1. People often ask me about downloading those mixes and all I can say is *cough cough* Google is your friend.