So let me turn the tables around and ask a question of the SS massive, especially anyone out there with either/both a carpentry or/and mechanical engineering background:

I want to build a custom record file cabinet…in other words, something designed like a file cabinet that can hold 12″ lps: two drawers, vertically stacked, each on rails/casters so they can be pulled out.

I’m quite surprised that I’ve never seen this anywhere before even though it’s not a radical idea. It leads me to wonder if that’s because there’s some basic engineering problems with load distribution?

Here’s the basic (interior) dimensions for each drawer: 13w, 13h, 13l. Each drawer needs to hold up to around 80 records (6lps/inch), which would be around 40 lbs (.5lb/lp). If it’d be possible to increase the length to around 15-16″, then each drawer could hold an even 100 LPs (50 lbs).

Any handymen/women out there want to offer their expertise on the feasibility? And if you also happen to be in Los Angeles and would like to sell/barter your skills for designing such a device; let’s talk!

Meanwhile, as a thank you for people’s indulgence of this query, here’s two recently digitized songs in my “party crate” (alas, not one on casters however).

B&G Rhythm: Hibaros
From S/T (Polydor, 1978)

Patucchi: Red Lamp (Blackbeard Edit)
From 12″ (Scenario, 2005)

The B&G is a late ’70s, Latin-influenced modern soul record which I don’t know jack about except that B&G stand for arranger and bassist Donnie Beck and his partner, percussionist Steve Gutierrez while jazzman Wayne Henderson produced the album. As far as I know, it’s the only album B&G ever made. I’m feeling “Hibaors” – sounds like something Roy Ayres and/or Ramsey Lewis might have dreamed up together, with some Deodato Brazilian flavor sprinkled in too. Love the use of Rhodes (Bobby Lyle) and the slick groove Gutierrez lays down on the drums, plus the vocal melodies. All this really needed was a breakbeat drum solo to bring it all together at the bridge.

“Red Lamp” was originally by French composer Daniele Patucchi (though the song appears on a Spanish label). The Blackbeard edit is fairly loyal to the original – it strips down the intro and lengthens it and does so again towards the back half, but otherwise, keeps all the elements of the original. I could be crazy, but this song reminds me of the Nite-Liters’ “K-Jee.” The horn melody is pretty much identical and I suspect Patucchi borrowed from it to lay down the basic melodic riff for the song. Either way, “Red Lamp” smokes on its own (love the handclaps).