Ok, the Watts 103rd St. Giveway is officially over. We had six people (impressive!) with all correct answers (see below) and I randomly selected one of them: Andrew King. Congrats!
For those playing at home, here were the correct answers:
1) The Watts Band/Wright Sounds provided live musical backing for Bill Cosby in 1967, but at that point Cosby’s musical career had already been in progress for two years. What band backed him on his very first musical release in 1965? (Helpful hint: the release in question is NOT Cosby’s Silver Throat LP.)

Eddie Cano Quartet

2) Warner Bros-era versions of both sides of Charles Wright’s rare pre-Watts Band solo 45 on Philips are included on these reissues. Can you name the songs?

“Borrowed Time” + “Keep Saying”

3) At what intersection did the Haunted House once stand?

Hollywood and Vine

4) What Los Angeles radio personality was responsible (in part) for the first Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band single? (Name the single too).

Magnificent Montague/”Spreadin’ Honey”

5) What studio did Bill Cosby and Fred Smith discover the original Watts Band at?

Nashville West

6) The Wright Sounds collected one member from the O’Jays and one of Joe Tex’s band – name those two members.

Melvin Dunlap and Gabriel Fleming (respectively)

7) What ’70s pop star (of a famous duo) played with the Wright Sounds in its early years?

Daryl Dragon aka “Captain” of Captain and Tenille

8) UPDATED: What 1960s Buffalo band did several of the Wright Sounds’ members play rhythm section for?

Dyke and the Blazers

9) What does the last Watts Band album share in common with albums by Blue Mitchell, Gene Harris, and Freddy Robinson?

Arranger Monk Higgins

10) Name three other artists who have covered “Express Yourself.” (NWA does not count).

There were multiple ways this could have been answered. The most popular included: S.O.U.L., Idris Muhammed, and Byron Lee and the Dragonaires.

Note: no one could come up with a pic of the LP version of A Lil’ Encouragement. Perhaps it really doesn’t exist.