This is from a relatively new documentary about the late jazz composer/leader, The Edification of Weldon Irvine.

It’s Weldon performing, live, his “Here’s Where I Came In.” It’s probably my favorite composition of his, a song filled with both ineffable sadness and beauty and the clip above both captures the deep melancholy I always hear in the song (and always associate with Weldon) as well as the creative energy he had, literally, at his fingertips.

Here’s my favorite version of the song:

Weldon Irvine: Here’s Where I Came In
From Sinbad (RCA, 1976)

I love that it’s a solo piece; to me the song works best that way. However, Weldon also recorded it for his Liberated Brother album; a longer version played in what sounds like a quartet arrangement.

Weldon Irvine: Here’s Where I Came In
From Liberated Brother (Nodlew, 1972)

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