You asked for it. Now we’re delivering.

Thanks to my old friend DJ Icewater, I can now sell many of my past mix-CDs in a digital download format. Sad as I am that physical media (for some) is going the way of the dodo, at least I can stop dealing with stuff going out of stock.

Soul Sides Digi Style

Currently, there are four CDs available there: Incognitos Redux and Deep Covers most of you should already know about. But I’m finally able to bring two other CDs back into rotation. More on this in a sec.

First of all though, I want to get all the remaining CDs I have out the house so I can start clean for the new year. I’ve discounted everything and am especially trying to move my six remaining vinyl copies of SSV2 out the door. Check it out.

As an incentive, I have a lot of extra CDs (Nicole Willis, Gilles Peterson, La Clave, El Michels Affair, etc.) that I’ll randomly distribute for among the outgoing packages for people buying up remaining stock.

In the future, I haven’t decided if I plan to keep that many physical CDs in stock or go strictly digital; a lot of that depends on reader interest so I’m game to go whichever way.

In any case, here are the two CDs that are now available digital-only:

  • Adventures In Rhythm: This is a party mix of funk and hip-hop songs; probably one of the favorite mixes I’ve ever labored over and something that really doesn’t go out of style (read: no “Crank Dat”) just because the songs are older. HIghly recommended for those who need 60+ minute workout and are tired of spinning or Thai kickboxing. (order!)
  • Classic Material: This was a hip-hop mix I put together in conjunction with Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide. The mix includes songs from many of the albums reviewed in the guide and the additional conceit is that I tried to use album-only cuts (instead of songs released as singles) so there’s likely to be a few songs on here you had forgotten about or didn’t catch the first time around. Highly recommended for rap heads looking to cover 25 years of hip-hop history in 30 songs. (order!)

    The digital site includes sound snippets for everything so you can sample the wares first.

    P.S. Thanks to everyone who ordered the LP. I managed to get all those sold already!