Eugene Blacknell: Bay Area Boogie

Eugene Blacknell: The Trip + Gettin’ Down
From We Can’t Take It For Granted (Luv N’ Haight, 2007)

Of all the talents bubbling inside the Bay Area’s extensivefunkcommunity, few have commanded as much attention or respect as the late Eugene Blacknell. This new anthology, from Luv N’ Haight, is one of the first to pull together his various singles on such famed indie labels such as Boola Boola, Seaside and Celeste. There’s literally at least $500+ worth of R&B/funk on here, much of it raw, gritty and psychedelic (just the way Blacknell liked it). “The Trip” and “Gettin’ Down” are two of my favorite Blacknell sides…”The Trip” for its slick, funk ensemble sound and “Gettin’ Down” has one of the greatest drum breaks out of the Bay Area, ever. Simply monster.