Marco Polo + Large Professor + DJ Premier: Remix Science

First of all, while he’s yet to be the blogging machine that is J-J-J-J-J-Just Blaze, DJ Premier is podcasting and that’s good ’nuff.

In the midst of that near 2 hour podcast (sorry Shug, but looks like your boy Vick is going down), Primo dropped this ridiculous cut in the midst:

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor: The Radar Remix
From 12″ (Rawkus, upcoming 2007)

Just to give you the real flavor, I left in all of Premier’s cutting up of the intro drums. You gotta love radio mixing…it’s unlike mixtapes and club mixing since you really can’t get away with long back-and-forth cutting like this is any medium outside of radio. Yet, when a DJ really gets into it (peep the old Pete Rock WBLS shows if you want to know what I mean), it’s just pure pleasure to listen to.

And a solar hot remix to boot. Marco Polo’s album, Port Authority is one of the best underground hip-hop efforts I’ve heard in a while and he elevates with his own remix of “The Radar,” featuring Large Professor. The 12″ is coming out soon and while I haven’t bought very many singles in the last few, this one is at the top of my list.

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